Collection: Lavish V Steam Bags With Organic Herbs

About the product
  • WHAT IS V STEAMING: also known as chai-yok in Korea, bajo in South America, or Yoni Steam in the US) is the ancient practice of sitting or squatting over a steaming basin of water infused with herbs. It is a powerful ally for relieving a variety of female issues. V Steaming also supports spiritual and emotional cleansing and healing by reconnecting a woman with her feminine center and Inner Woman.
  • YOU RECEIVE HERBS FOR A TOTAL OF 4 STEAMS: Lavish V  Steam Blend is made up of 100% organic and free trade herbs specially chosen to promote a healthy feminine health. 
  • EASY TO USE: Lavish V Steam Herbs are packaged in individual sachets so that you can simply brew the sachet in water, thereby eliminating messy clean-ups associated with loose herbs. Simply simmer a steam bag in 2 quarts of water for 10 minutes and squat over or place the basin under a chair with a large hole in the seat. Detailed instructions are included with each package.